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  • GDPR made Simple

    GDPR made Simple

    One year on from the enforcement of GDPR I was invited to give a talk by APS Bank on the topic. Whilst due to new priorities, I have less time to dedicate to this blog, I thought to share the presentation below. The talk was targeted at citizens and employees to ensure they not only […]

  • Processes in a modern world (Part 3)

    Processes in a modern world (Part 3)

    For those of you who have not been following my posts, for the previous couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about process improvement and their enforcement. In my last post I spoke about using automation to delegate routine tasks to a machine, leaving managers and employees free to concentrate other aspects of the business. I […]

  • 10 steps to creating a Data Retention policy

    10 steps to creating a Data Retention policy

    A data retention and deletion policy has always been considered as good practice, especially in IT circles. The main reason historically was cost related as when a company grows and the amount of data being stored starts to accumulate, storage becomes expensive. This need is however now growing stronger and becoming a priority for businesses […]