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What is a personal data breach?

When we hear about a breach, we tend to imagine a huge scandalous data breach of massive proportions where all the data gets leaked to some malicious criminal entity on the internet. Whilst that may at times be the case, it is not the only scenario where an incident could be considered a breach. What…

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GDPR titbits series: Some defintions

With GDPR round the corner, everyone is asking questions and bandying a lot of terms around. However I’ve noticed that a number of times we’re not really clear on what those terms actually mean or signify. This is why for this post, I’ve picked up some keywords from GDPR and went after their definitions.  …

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process monitoring

Processes in a modern world (Part 3)

For those of you who have not been following my posts, for the previous couple of weeks, I’ve been writing about process improvement and their enforcement. In my last post I spoke about using automation to delegate routine tasks to a machine, leaving managers and employees free to concentrate other aspects of the business. I…

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